“JOLANJOLI Climate Strike by Transgender and Youth Activists.”

On 14/10/2022 “JOLANJOLI”: Climate Strike” was held at World Longest Cox’s Bazar beach.

The “JOLANJOLI: Climate Strike” was jointly organized by the Social Association for Development Alternative-SADA and Jibangothon Unnayan Sangstha.

Shahrukh Karim, regional coordinator of SADA Chattogram team, led the team and Trans people and young activists of SADA Cox’s Bazar team were present in the “JOLANJOLI”.

“JOLANJOLI”: The climate strike started at 4 PM and ended at 5 PM, in which the youth group members marched up to 4 km along the beach holding banners with climate awareness and climate related slogans to the tune of the battle song, “Chal Chal Chal, Urdhva Gagane Baje Madal”. At that time, the youth group was able to reach about 20 thousand local and foreign tourists who came to enjoy the beach and reach the climate related message. “JOLANJOLI”: Climate Strike” shows the adverse effects of climate change in coastal areas, their demands and thoughts to protect the environment through placards.

“JOLANJOLI”: The participants of the climate strike also published some slogans on several placards and pictures through the rally.

Notable among which,

1. Do not throw any kind of garbage into the sea.

2. Reduce the use of plastic.

3. Do not harm marine biodiversity.

4. We will encourage eco-friendly tourists.

5. We want climate justice.

6. Please don’t litter the ocean.

7. No harming marine wildlife.

8. Encouraging ecotourism.

9. Please leave nothing but your footprint.

In order to protect the environment, everyone’s awareness and own initiative to protect the environment, not to damage the environment, not to destroy wild animals, forests and to ensure climate justice for the victims of climate change is very important. SADA has long been working to ensure climate justice. SADA believes that strikes are a powerful tool for creating awareness among the younger generation. This will increase climate awareness and awareness and involve the general public through creative activities, climate strikes and non-violent movements. This “JOLANJOLI” Climate Strike’ was organized as a continuation of this.