What is CSO Partnership?

CSO Partnership is an agreement between youth-led organisations which establishes a ground and means to work together in order to strive for a better future for our community and our planet.

Opportunities for CSO Partners

The opportunities for community partners, once they have been onboarded are as follows:

  • Opportunities to co-create programs and initiatives.
  • Opportunities to strengthen both organizational and individual capacity.
  • Opportunity of acquiring training and possibilities to access funds depending on the project.
  • Become SADA’s local representative at local community level.
  • Continuous engagement with youths, building youth networks and opportunities to build relationships with other organizations.
  • Exhibition of the community partners profile on SADA’s website.
  • Creating opportunities for CSO partners so that they can engage with different stakeholders, academicians, policy-makers, parliamentarians and experts.
  • CSO Partners can learn the process of documentation, digitalization, access start-up facilitation and mentorship, access to data footprint, and collaboration opportunities or events.

Roles of CSO Partners

  • To mobilise volunteers from their network for certain initiatives and programs if they agree to be involved in the program.
  • CSO Partners maybe asked to support SADA by reaching out to their local communities and aid in youth engagements, involving them in certain projects which will help in both individual and organizational capacity building for the youth-led organizations, if both sides agree to embark on a project (i.e, for advocacy, spreading awareness, etc).
  • Providing youth network support from their local community.

Note:  Further discussions and mutual agreement on the terms and conditions will follow after the application process has been completed on behalf of the CSO partner.

Application Form