Sharif Hasan Bappy

Founder of SADA

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of SADA. While others consider it as a youth-led, non-governmental organization, we call it a space for the people of diverse gender community who are excluded from privileged social structure and a home for the survivors from gender based violence. We have a dream of a world free from all forms of deprivation, discrimination and injustice where everyone enjoys their human rights with dignity.

Shahrukh Karim

Co-ordinator, Chattogram Region, SADA-Bangladesh.

“Shahrukh Karim is a social worker. He works for Climate Change Issues, helpless people, street children, and neglected people. He dreams of building a pang of hunger and poverty-free Bangladesh and livable world. His hobbies are volunteering, traveling, donating, and managing blood.”

Md Sajjad Hosen Munna

Communication Officer, Cox’s Bazar Region, SADA-Bangladesh.

“SH Munna loves volunteering for underprivileged people because he thinks it is his moral obligation to contribute to the betterment of society. He also enjoys spending time with children. Video editing, traveling, learning new things, reading, and watching movies are his favorite pastime activities.”

Md. Sajib Mia

Programme Manager, Gender Justice & Diversity

” As a real Activist, I have a dream that people will live in a peaceful world where there will be no gender discrimination. “
He is a Human Rights awareness activist and a creative photographer. He especially leads Gender Justice & Diversity program and covers photography of all kinds of organizational programs of SADA. He always believed in feminism, Women Empowerment, and Gender Justice. He has always wanted to work with underprivileged women in our society, tarns gender, and vulnerable female sex workers.