School of Humans

School of Humans’ is an edutainment and skills development-oriented initiative of the Social Association for Development Alternative (SADA) for people of all ages. Our aims at building an inclusive society through life-skills education.

SADA believes that all children must have access to quality education and equal opportunity.


  • Support most vulnerable children who are out of school and keep this issue on top of global agendas.
  • Ensure inclusive learning and provide life-skills training to make them skilled people. 

School of Humans in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

At present, a school has been running at Najirartek, Cox’s Bazar for underprivileged people of fishermen community. A local volunteer-led organization Swapnosworgo Foundation is conducting the school activities. There are fifty children attend the school regularly and four teachers who provide lessons on different subjects.

Our students at their ‘School of Humans’ premises

A special gift from the United Kingdom. Two philanthropists Lesley and Anna has sent Polo-Shirt, Socks, Stickers, Card and other educational materials for the children of our school.

Every Thursday our students clean their own campus willingly to keep themselves hygienic. Our teachers instruct them how to clean and why it is important to keep premises tidy always.

School of Humans in Sylhet, Bangladesh

SADA works to reduce educational disparity and ensure inclusive education for people of all age, race, gender, religion, and culture etc. Transgenders people are far and beyond the realm of education in our country. The Hijras are still deprived from their access to the basic right to quality education. Therefore, SADA and Sylhet Hijra Baul Sangathan has jointly started first-ever school for Hijra, Intersex and gender diverse population in Sylhet, Bangladesh. We initiated this school in order to build an inclusive and equitable society for all people.

Transgender School

On 19 December 2020, the happy inauguration of the school has announced. The Hijra leaders and activists were present in the program and they expressed their pleasure and contentment for launching such an innovative school for transgender community.

Transgender Leader and Activists

A student