SADA: Society for Action and Development Alternative

SADA is a gender-focused, youth-led, development organization that is working on education, gender justice & diversity, SRHR, mental health, telemedicine, human rights, advocacy, feminism and women empowerment, climate justice, and social enterprise in Bangladesh.


SADA envisages a world in which men, women, and gender diverse people have acceptance widely everywhere; a society where choices are fully respected irrespective of any identity.

School of Humans


SADA aims to build an inclusive society for all people where there will be no backlash. We strive to eliminate all forms of discrimination against girls, women, gender and sexual minority people.

Emergency Her Corner

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of SADA. While others consider it as a youth-led, non-governmental organization, we call it a space for the people of diverse gender community who are excluded from privileged social structure and a home for the survivors from gender based violence. We have a dream of a world free from all forms of deprivation, discrimination and injustice where everyone enjoys their human rights with dignity.

Sharif Hasan Bappy

Founder of SADA

Our Flagship Activities