Climate Strike led by Moheshkhali’s Madrasah Students

Climate Strike led by Moheshkhali’s Madrasah Students(1.7)

Climate strike at Kutobjom Dakhil Madrasha , Moheshkhali island led by Madrasha students. Titled: “YOUNG PEOPLE FOR CLIMATE ACTION NOW”.

Day by day global warming is increasing, the sea level is increasing, the use of fossil fuels is increasing, the environment is being polluted and this beautiful world is being destroyed. Thinking about this, Madrasa students of Moheshkhali conduct a climate strike on their campus every Friday.

They are on strike thinking about their future generations. They seek the good will of world leaders and they claim that Bangladesh rarely harms the environment, yet why should Bangladesh’s climate be harmed? Why will they become destitute every year due to river erosion? Why would their land be salty? They want a fair solution, they want climate compensation.

This Climate Strike led by Abu Hena Md Asif and Helal Uddin Helal, SADA Moheshkhali team and participated by students and teachers.

In the climate strike, various demands were made, including the demand to get a fair trial for the climate, the demand to stop the Matarbari coal-fired power plant and the restoration and preservation of all the rivers and water bodies of the country in accordance with the judgments of the courts to protect the country’s rivers.

This Climate Strike is organized by SADA and supported by Global Platform Bangladesh.