Global Climate Strike led by SADA Activist at Press Club Cox’s Bazar.

Global Climate Strike led by SADA Activista at Press Club Cox’s Bazar(1.4)

SADAs Activista led Global climate strike this Friday around different places in Bangladesh.

As part of this ‘Global Climate Strike’ the ‘Activistas’ of Cox’s Bazar region led a ‘Climate Strike’ at ‘Press Club’ Cox’s Bazar on 23-09-2022.

Bangladesh is already paying the price of climate change. If the ‘Climate Strikes’ around the country can not wake the world up and make everyone work towards the climate crisis solution, then there will be no future. So they want Climate justice, they want Climate compensation.

The ‘Climate Strike’ Jointly organized by Social Association for Development Alternative – SADA, , LCOY Bangladesh, Activista Bangladesh and supported by Global Platform Bangladesh.