Climate Strike at Central Shahid Minar, Cox’s Bazar.

Climate Strike at Central Shahid Minar, Cox’s Bazar.(1.2)

With the support of Global Platform Bangladesh, SADA for the second time organized a Youth led climate strike at Central Shahid Minar, Cox’s Bazar on 05/08/2022. This climate strike was demonstrated to raise awareness among the people of coastal areas regarding climate change and its impact on the coastal areas. The theme of this strike was “YOUNG PEOPLE FOR CLIMATE ACTION NOW”. More than 35 Activista and trans participated in that strike from Cox’s Bazar. The young Activista welcomed the local people to participate with them in the strike as well.

Shahrukh Karim, Coordinator Chattogram region – SADA, Humayun Kabir, Coordinator of Climate Team, SADA Cox’sBazar and all members of SADA Cox’s Bazar team were present in the Climate Strike held at that time.

At this time, the speakers said that global climate change has appeared as a crisis. It affects not only the poor and developing countries but also the developed countries. They said that Bangladesh is one of the countries affected by the climate crisis and Bangladesh is not getting the compensation that it should get as an affected country.

In the president’s speech, PR and Communication Manager – SADA, Shahrukh Karim said that the impact of global climate change is increasing. Natural calamities such as cyclone, flood, drought, river erosion are increasing in Bangladesh again and again. Bangladesh is a country that is not responsible for climate change But, the carbon emission of industrialized countries is making Bangladesh vulnerable day by day.

He also said, in such a situation, to deal with the climate crisis, the necessary funds should be given unconditionally to Bangladesh based on the damage.

Moreover, he called on the foreign big ships that carry various goods to Bangladesh not to throw garbage, toxic liquids in the sea and not to throw the country’s factory waste directly into the river/sea.

So that these toxic wastes cannot be thrown into the sea/river. He also called for taking necessary measures to protect St. Martin’s biodiversity. All the local administration and government of the country should be strict for its benefit. And wished the world leaders good vision.