Short Bio of Teachers

“Shahrukh Karim is a social worker. He works for helpless people, street children, and neglected people. He dreams of building a pang of hunger and poverty-free Bangladesh. His hobbies are volunteering, traveling, donating, and managing blood.” Mr. Shahrukh KarimTeacher, School of Humans “Md. Shah Jahan is a student as well as a teacher. He volunteers…

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Campus Cleaning

A school is a place for education, and it’s also a place where kids can socialize and develop skills that will help them later in life. If a school environment is dirty or untidy, it can actually have a negative effect on a child’s overall learning experience. For that reason, students of our school clean…

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School of Humans’ is an edutainment and skills development-oriented initiative of the Social Association for Development Alternative (SADA) for people of all ages. Our aims at building an inclusive society through life-skills education.

SADA believes that all children must have access to quality education and equal opportunity.


  • Support most vulnerable children who are out of school and keep this issue on top of global agendas.
  • Ensure inclusive learning and provide life-skills training to make them skilled people.