National Level Networking Meeting with Stakeholders

In Bangladesh, the plight of the Hijra community is not unknown to anyone. In the last decade, various initiatives have been taken by the government and NGOs in the country. However, most members of the Hijra community are still left with choices like begging on the roads or becoming sex workers in the bushes.

“Don’t just hire a Hijra person as a showpiece; have them be a significant contributor, a manager, or boss. Put them in positions that have power. They are ready to prove themselves”- Sharif Hasan Bappy, Founder, SADA

To find a way out of this national crisis, The Social Association for Development Alternative (SADA) initiated an event entitled “National Level Networking Meeting with Stakeholders”. The idea behind the project was to facilitate connections, collaboration, and networking among different organizations across the country, to foster entrepreneurship in the Hijra and Gender Diverse Communities of Bangladesh and ensure their economic inclusion.  

The event focused on several documentaries on Transgender livelihood in Bangladesh to dig out the existing discriminations and barriers the hijra people face in education, housing, employment, healthcare and other key spheres of life. 

Project Name: National Level Networking Meeting with Stakeholders

Project Date: December 21, 2022

Funding Agency: Global Platform Bangladesh and ActionAid

Location: EMK Center, Road-27, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1212.