Training on Human Rights, Advocacy and Case Documentation

Many transgender people are not aware of their rights and entitlements. Due to the societal stigma they are often abandoned from their family, school and other places. They are deprived of human rights which is need to be addressed.

There are many issues that transgender people faces every day. Gender based violence, bulling, lack of family support, hate speech, sexual assault, beating, mob-justice, problems to rent house and apartment, access to get education, micro-aggression in work place, religious rituals, or even death threat etc.

But unfortunately, most of the cases remain clandestine as they are not able to report properly to the respective authority.

Therefore, SADA will organize a “Training on Human Rights, Advocacy, and Case Documentation for Local Level Trans Rights Defender”. Through this capacity building training we will address the problems using different methods.

If you would like to join the training, please send your CV to mentioning your interest.