Guy Talk with SADA

Global Guy Talk is an initiative by the Swedish foundation Make Equal. 

#globalguytalk is an opportunity for men to share experiences with each other and reach a deeper level of understanding of how norms and expectations often create an unhealthy, destructive environment that we are responsible for changing.

Few of us guys speak with each other about what it means to be a man: about societal expectations, requirements, and norms of how to be a ‘real man’. This non-communication often adds a lot of pressure. To provide for families, to be strong, to not show emotions, and to not let people see weaknesses. Traditional gender norms risk affecting our well-being and building up obstacles for how we can live our lives.

For example, men in general have fewer close and long-lasting friendships. Men to a higher extent miss out on close relationships with their children and families. Many keep feelings to themselves in a destructive way, and few ask for help when they experience mental or physical challenges. This could cause mental illness and emotional issues.

We cannot continue living in a world where men are teased for crying, take unnecessary risks, and miss out on close friendships – a society where men are not able to actively participate in their children’s lives or where women fear taking walks at night.

We want a gender equal world, where everyone regardless of gender can be who they want to be and feel safe. #globalguytalk provides us men with increased access to a range of emotions, to stronger relationships with ourselves and others, and various ways of expressing masculinity.

Social Association for Development Alternative – SADA will organize a series of GUY TALK with men to start talking about things that they rarely talk about.

If you would like to participate, register here:

Let’s start talking – for our own sake, and for everyone else’s!