International Transgender Day of Visibility

Transgender Day of Visibility (or TDOV) was first celebrated in 2009 by Rachel Crandall, a Michigan-based transgender activist and the Executive Director of Transgender Michigan. It was started as a day of awareness to celebrate the successes of transgender and gender-nonconforming people and is an important day for the Hijra/TG Community.

International Transgender Day of Visibility, held on March 31 every year since 2009, celebrates transgender individuals’ contributions to society. The transgender community is an important part of cultures, but awareness of trans issues is inadequate. For many transgender people, being transgender, coming out and transitioning is not a wholly negative experience.

When transgender children are supported by their family using their chosen names and pronouns, even without any form of medical interventions, their mental health outcomes are very similar to those of their cisgender peers.

In 2013 Government of Bangladesh recognized the Hijra as a third gender, allowing them to identify their gender as Hijra in the governmental and personal documents.

Although the unprecedented decision secures their human rights, still their social acceptance have not attained. Therefore, Transgender/Hijra visibility day plays a vital role to obtain the social acknowledgment through spreading the successful contribution of themselves.

Hijra Baul Group