Strategies for Ending Gender-based Violence

Educate Yourself and Others about GBV
The first line of prevention is education. Educating yourself and your friends about what GBV is, how it happens and, how to prevent it are the first steps to ending GBV.

Seek Help Immediately
If you are feeling in danger, you should ring the Police on 999 immediately.
If you hear or see a violent or abusive situation happening, don’t turn your back. If it is safe you could try to defuse the situation by intervening. But if you feel that may be dangerous, or if you think a person is being hurt or about to be hurt, you should ring the Police immediately.

Funding Women’s Full Participation in Civil Society
Women who are active in civil society can be highly effective in influencing global, regional and national treaties, agreements and laws and in exerting pressure to ensure their implementation. More money needs to flow toward supporting women’s active participation in civil society.

Listen to Girls’ Experiences of Violence – and Their Solutions
We can only tackle gender-based violence if we listen to girls’ experiences and respond to their needs.

Mobilize Youth to Fight Harmful Practices Such as Child Marriage
Child marriage denies girls their right to make vital decisions about their bodies, well-being and future. It forces them out of education and into a life of poor prospects, with an increased risk of violence, abuse and ill-health. That’s why girls’ rights activists from Bangladesh are lobbying their governments to outlaw the practice in order to put a stop child marriage, everywhere.

Use Your Voice on Social Media to Bring Awareness to GBV
Using social media can help you connect to others outside your normal social circles. Use your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to call for an end to GBV. Join others in the #16Days conversation to bring awareness to what GBV looks like around the world and how members of the social media universe can take steps to end GBV globally.

Speak up
Violence is never okay. Challenge practices that condone violence against women and encourage others to speak up.

Don’t Forget to Care about Yourself
For some people, ending violence against women starts from a personal survival story, or the story of a loved one. For others, it’s more a matter of justice and equality. As you get more involved in helping others or yourself, do not forget to care for your own mental health and wellbeing.