Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Since Breast Cancer remains a leading dreadful cancer of women in Bangladesh, SADA and Swapnosworgo Foundation organized this campaign across Bangladesh to raise awareness among people as well as break the taboos related to it. The campaign includes both offline and online activities.

Every Year in Bangladesh nearly 13,000 women contract Breast Cancer and half of those women will die! If detected early, 90% can recover. Regular, self-examination for early detection can save your breast and your life.

We have distributed Pink Ribbon to everyone and took sessions on Breast Cancer. Our goal was to educate men and women about it and encouraged them for early detection.

Who is at risk?  Everyone! 
Cancer is not a punishment: you don’t get it for being bad! It can be caused by a combination of factors e.g lifestyle – what we eat and drink, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Environmental factors- pollution of air and water. 

Having no family history of it does not make you immune. Only 5-10% of breast cancers are believed to be inherited. In most cases, there is no family history.

However, the strong prevalence of cancer in family history is a risk factor and should be discussed with your doctor. Risk cannot be eliminated. If you have a friend who thinks she’s invincible due to a healthy lifestyle urge her to seek screening and to self-examine. Don’t die of ignorance!


  • Most common is the appearance of a lump or mass.
  • Swelling in any part of the breast.
  • Pain or tenderness in any area of the breast.
  • Skin texture changes, dry, red, flaky, thickened.
  • Nipple change in appearance or a discharge.
  • Swollen lymph nodes, along collar bones or under arms.

Any doubts, go and see a Health Care Professional. Any change, however small, must be investigated!

Learn How to self-examine:

Tender Loving Care
T=TOUCH – can you feel anything unusual?
L=LOOK – can you see any changes?
C=CHECK – if you notice any change, ask your doctor to check.