Capacity Building

To create opportunities for women and gender diverse people Sada arranges capacity building initiative on various issues online and offline. Therefore, Sada organizes training, workshops, and adda with different partners and civil society organizations to build up the capacity of its beneficiaries.

Training on Safety and Security

Safety and security are important for everyone. Due to the lack of this knowledge, we face problems in our daily life. Social Association for Development Alternative, SPACE – A Foundation for Peace & Care, and Pother Ishkul have organized a day-long workshop on safety and security issues on 13th February 2021. During the training, trainers provided valuable information regarding online and offline security issues.

Diversity Talk

Diversity brings in new ideas and experiences, and people can learn from each other. If you experience diversity in your every day life, you will have regular exposure to people, cultures, traditions, and practices that are unlike your own. You will learn the skills to communicate and interact with communities and concepts that you are unfamiliar with and gain a more worldly view. SADA arranged diversity talk with different gender diverse and transgender people where everyone exchanged their opinion and views on gender issues.

Training on Effective Teaching

It is very important that a teacher should be a good friend of their pupils. If you ask a student what makes him or her successful in school, you probably won’t hear about some fantastic new book or video lecture series. Most likely you will hear something like, “It was all my teacher”. SADA arranged a training for the teachers of “School of Humans” so that they can acquire the quality of a good teacher. The training was conducted by the young teacher and fellow of Teach for Bangladesh, Mr. Jisan Mahmud.

Training on National Anthem of Bangladesh

A national anthem is a country’s national song. Everyday our school’s activities begins by singing of ‘Amar Sonar Bangla’. It is crucial to sing our national song with correct pronunciation and pure voice. SADA arranged a training on proper recitation of National Anthem with teachers of our school.

Workshop on the Prevention of Hate Speech Online

Hate speech is a growing phenomenon across the world especially towards the gender and sexual minority, cultural minority and other ethnic minority people. Nowadays, it’s very common matter online. We have discussed about Gender based hate speech, difference between hate speech and incitement to discrimination, hostility and violence, discuss ways to address and counter hate speech, and learn how to build online and offline resilience to hate speech and rise of hate speech and attacks online towards minority group.